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Lecture Bay Area Copper 1900-1950, Dirk van Erp & His Influence
by Gus Bostrom at The Alameda Museum Thursday, April 24th 7pm

Join Us for a Wine & Cheese Fundraising Reception to View
Dirk van Erp's Workshop Tools Friday, April 25th 7-9pm $100 dirkvanerpfoundation.org

We will be Open Saturday, April 26th 10-5pm

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Inventory Updated April 18th, 2014


219. Early L&JG Stickley 3-Door Bookcase 73.5"w x 57"h x 12"d $15,000

220. Huge Limbert Partner's Desk 90"w x 45"d x 31"h $12,000 Gustav Stickley Armchair 37.5"h x 26"w x 23"d $2200
221.Stickley Bros 60"d Dining Table with 2 Leaves 29"h x 60"d SOLD
222. Early Gustav Stickley Strap-Hinge Dropfront Desk c1903 47.5"h x 33"w x 14"d $12,000
223. Charles Rohlfs Carved Blanket Chest c1907 48"w x 25.5"h x 25.5"d $35,000
224. Top Detail of Charles Rohlfs
Blanket Chest
225. Side Carved Detail of Charles Rholfs
Blanet Chest
226. Detail of Charles Rohlfs Signature from Blanket Chest c1907
227. Gustav Stickley Triple Umbrella Stand 33.5"h x 20.5"w x 11.5"d $1500
228. Early Dirk van Erp "Milkcan" Vase 10"h c1908-1910 Unsigned $2500 Proceeds to Benefit The Dirk van Erp Foundation, Hammered Brass 9" Vase $450
229. Charles Stickley 2-Drawer Server 33"h x 42"w x 20"d $3200
230. L&JG Stickley Narrow 1-Door Bookcase 55.25"h x 27"w x 12.25"d $5500
231. Arts & Crafts Rounded Back Swivel Chair c1910 31"h x 21"w x 18"d SOLD
232. Gustav Stickley Highchair 37.5"h x 16.75"w x 14.5"d $1200, Gustav Stickley Rocker with Original Leather 32"h x 25"w x 28"d $1200
233. Limbert Desk with Side Bookshelves 48"w x 30"d x 29.25"h $3800
234. Arts & Crafts Period Woodblock Print "The Ledgen by Mooney" 10"h x 8"w (Frame 20"h x 17"w) $750


1. View of Our Gallery February 28th, 2014
2. Limbert Bookshelf 36"w x 16"d x 30"h SOLD
3. Gustav Stickley Square Taboret 16"h x 12"sq SOLD Roycroft Grove Park Inn "GPI" Armchair 41"h x 25.5"w x 17"d $3500
4. Throop Polytechnic Institute Carved Tray c1910 Pasadena Mahogany Carved Tray 12" x 8" SOLD
5. L&JG Stickley 2-Door Bookcase 52"w x 55"h x 12"d $8500
6. Massive Lifetime Trestle Table 54"w x 31.75"d x 29.25"h $3200
7. Handel Bamboo Leaf Overlay Lamp 23"h x 20"d $8500
8. Stickley Bros Sideboard with Mirror 54"h x 48"w x 21.75"d $2500
9. Gustav Stickley Sideboard 48"w x 45.5"h x 18.5"d $4500, Rookwood 1905 Matte Green Bowl $750
10. Stickley Bros Coatrack 72"h x 24"w x 14"d $2200
11. Grand Rapids Furn Co 2-Door China Cabinet 58.75"h x 54"w x 15.5"d $3800
12. Dirk van Erp Boudoir Lamp 12"h x 11"d SOLD
13. Lifetime Furn Co Lamp Table 29.5"h x 30"d $1500
14. Handel "Dancing Hearts" Lamp with Bronze Griffin Base 26"h x 20"d $11,000
15. Small Limbert Bookshelf with Cutout Handles 29"h x 22"w x 10"d SOLD
16. Pr Harden Slatted Morris Chairs
39"h x 32"w x 35"d
$3500 each
17. Harden Bench Settle 38"h x 60"w x 24"d $3200, Gustav Stickley #601 Taboret 16"h x 14"d $1200
18. Mission Oak Stacking Bookcase 59"h x 34 5/8"w x 11"d SOLD
19. Lifetime Puritan Bookshelf Trough 27.25"h x 21"d x 12.75" SOLD
20. Lifetime Two-Drawer Library Table 48"w x 30"d x 29.5"h $2800
21. L&JG Stickley Lamp Table 24"h x 24"d $3500, Arequipa Peacock Plate 10"d $2200
22. Large Lifetime Furn Co Sideboard 60"w x 54.5"h x 23"d (Top 37"h) $5500
23. Set of 6 Stickley Bros #379 1/2 Dining Chairs SOLD
24. Hastings Furn Co Dining Table with 4 Leaves 48"d x 29"h (Expands to 92" x 48") SOLD
25. Roycroft One-Drawer Server 43.5"h x 44"w x 22"d $7500
26. Massive Early Gustav Stickley 3-Drawer Sideboard c1901 59.5"w x 44"h x 24"d SOLD
27. Limbert 1-Drawer Library Table 42"w x 26"d x 29.25"h $2800
28. Grand Rapids Trapezoidal Side Table 26"w x 14"d x 26"h $950
29. Lifetime Furn Co 2-Door China Cabinet 58"h x 39"w x 15"d SOLD
30. Heintz Sterling on Bronze Lamp 15"h x 12"d $3500
31. CA Faience Campanile Tile UC Berkeley 5.5"d $1800, CA Faience Poppy Tile 5.25"d SOLD
32. Massive Lifetime Settle 80"w x 30"d x 36"h SOLD
33. Massive Lifetime Furn Co Rockers 33"h x 28.5"w x 38"d
34. Another View of the Massive Lifetime Settle from Picture #32, L&JG Stickley Coffee Table (Cutdown) 24"h x 18"d $1200
35. Lifetime Furn Co Lamp Table 28"h x 26"d $1600
36. L&JG Stickley Clip-Corner Lamp Table 29"h x 18"sq $1500
37. Gustav Stickley Bookshelf with "D" Shaped Cutout Handles 40"h x 14"w x 10"d SOLD L&JG Stickley Bookshelf 43.75"h x23.5"w x 12.5"d $3200
38. Set of 10 Prairie School Dining Chairs Including 2 Armchiars & 8 Sidechairs c1910
39. Prairie School Rectangular Dining Table c1910 with 7 Leaves 59" x 45" x 28.75"h (Extends to 139" x 45") $16,000 Includes Set of 10 Chairs
40. Another View of Prairie School Dining Set
41. Limbert #452 One-Door China Cabinet 57.5"h x 44.25"w x 16.5"d $8500
42. Stickley Bros Nightstand 28.5"h x 20.5"w x 16.5"d SOLD Roycroft American Beauty 21.5" Vase $5500
43. Bernard Maybeck - Alexander Forbes Walnut Sidechair (Same design as Swedenborgian Church Chair by Maybeck) Made of Walnut c1894 36.25"h x 20.75"w x 19.5"d $15,000
44. L&JG Stickley One-Door Bookcase 55.5"h x 38"w x 12"d $8500
45. Extremely Rare Roycroft Lantern made for The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC 9.5"w x 12.5"d x 23"h $9500
46. Unusual Dirk van Erp 7.5" Flared Vase SOLD Teco 4-Handle Vase #403A $7500
47.View of Massive Weller Sicard Vases
48. Lakeside Craft Shop Plantstand 23.5"h x 12"d $1500, Monumental Weller Sicard 30" Vase Made for the 1904 St Louis World's Fair $28,000
49. Pr Hand-Forged Iron Andirons Similar to Roycroft 29"h x 46"w x 24"d SOLD
50. Huge Weller Sicard 28" Vase Made for the 1904 St Louis World's Fair $28,000, Gustav Stickley Copper Umbrella Stand 24.5"h $5500
51. Limbert Ebon-Oak Armchair 40"h x 25.5"w x 22"d $3200
52. Stickley Bros 1-Drawer Side Table 30"h x 24"w x 22"d SOLD Fulper Fruit Bowl 11"d $750
53. Narrow Limbert One-Door Bookcase 46"h x 16.5"w x 11"d $2800, Limbert 3-Door Bookcase 46"h x 48"w x 11"d SOLD
54. Grand Rapids Dropfront Secretary Desk Bookcase 54"h x 41.25"w x 13"d $3500
55. Roycroft Hammered Copper Chandelier Made fo The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC 27"h x 16"d $15,000
56. Detail of Roycroft Grove Park Inn Chandelier. Even the Glass is Signed with the Roycroft Orb
57. Gustav Stickley Bookshelf Designed by Harvey Ellis 42"h x 22"w x 13"d $3200, Bernard Maybeck Influenced Bay Area Arts & Crafts Armchair c1910 36"h x 25"w x 19"d $2500
58. L&JG Stickley Lamp Table 24"d x 29"h $2800, Jauchen's Copper Jardiniere 10"d $1500
59. Grand Rapids Pedastal 34" h 14"sq $1500, Tall SEG 13.5" Blue Vase $950
60. Gustav Stickley Nightstand 30"h x 22"w x 16"d $3800
61. Roycroft Little Journeys Stand 26"h x 26"w x 14"d SOLD Bronze Tiffany-Style Expandable Bookrack 13"w Expands to 24"w $550
62. Gustav Stickley #602 Taboret 18"h x 16"d $1600
63. Gothic Arts & Crafts Table attributed to Biltmore Industies, Asheville, NC c1910 51.5"w x 25"d x 29.5"h $4500, Rose Valley Side Chair 36.5"h x 18"w x 17"d $2500
64. Extremely Rare Limbert #150 Cafe Table with Copper Base & New Leather Top 38"d x 30"h $9500, Pr Gustav Stickley "H-Back" Armchairs 39.5"h x 25.5"w x 21"d $2200 Pr
65. Gustav Stickley #332 Morris Chair 42"h x 31.5"w x 38.25"d SOLD Gustav Stickley #300 Footstool $1200
66. Gustav Stickley 2-Door Bookcases 56"h x 42"w x 13"d SOLD
67. Small L&JG Stickley Library Table 36"w x 24"d x 29"h $2800, Handel Daffodil Lamp 21"h x 16.5"d SOLD
68. Lifetime One-Door Bookcase 55"h x 28"w x 13.5"d SOLD
69. Gustav Stickley 2-Door Bookcases 56"h x 42"w x 13"d $6500
70. Gustav Stickley Child's Table 24"d x 20"h $2200, Teco Bowl 10.75"d $1200
71. Rare Limbert #1112 Sofa Table 66"w x 29"h x 21"d $15,000
72. Gustav Stickley #225 Evenarm Settle 78"w x 33"h x 31"d $9500
73. Gustav Stickley Chest of Drawers with Rare Strap Loop Hardware 48"h x 40"w x 21"d $15,000
74. Early Gustav Stickley 2-Door Mitered-Mullion Bookcase c1901 55.75"h x 49"w x 12"d $15,000
75. Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper & Mica Lamp with Milkcan-Shaped Base 16"h x 12"d $12,000, Dirk van Erp 7.5" Vase SOLD
76. Arts & Crafts Hammered Brass Candlestick 6"d $275, Rookwood Carved Parrot 9.5" Vase c1915 $2800
77. L&JG Stickley Bookshelf 45"h x 18.75"w x 11.75"d $3200
78. Lifetime One-Door Bookcase 55"h x 28"w x 13.5"d SOLD
79. Limbert Ebon-Oak Dresser #1 Custom Made for The Mission Inn, Riverside, CA 70.75"h x 54"w x 23.5"d SOLD
80. Teco Bulbous 4-Handle Vase #288 $6500
81. Limbert 2-Door Spade Cutout Bookcase 47"h x 31.75"w x 11"d $7500
82. Stickley Bros Mirror 37.5"w x 20"h $2500
83. L&JG Stickley Morris Chair #770 40"h x 32"w x 36.5"d $4800, Gustav Stickley #601 Taboret 16"h x 14"d $1200, L&JG Stickley Footstool $1500
84. Stickley Bros 3-Door Bookcase 61.5"w x 47"h x 13"d $6500
85. L&JG Stickley Desk 44"w x 27.75"d x 30"h $3200, Stickley Bros Vanity Chair 29"h x 16.5"w x 15"d $550
86. Handel Arts & Crafts Oaktree Overlay Lamp 25"h x 18"d $9500
87. L&JG Stickley Library Table 48"w x 29.75'd x 29"h $2800
88. Hammered Copper & Mica Arts & Crafts Lamp c1910 18.5"h x 12"sq $1800
89. Charles Stickey Bench 62.25"w x 38"h x 25"d SOLD Mission Oak Piano Bench - Coffee Table 36"w x 16"d x 21"h $950
90. Mission Oak Dropleaf Table 29.75"h x 40"w x 12"d (40" x 44" with Leaves Up) SOLD
91. Gustav Stickley 2-Door Bookcase 56"h x 54"w x 13"d SOLD
92. Large Gustav Stickley 2-Door Wardrobe 77"h x 44"w x 23.25"d $12,000
93. Gustav Stickley 2-Drawer Server 39"h x 42"w x 18"d $4500
94. Lakeside Craft Shop Small One-Door Cabinet 31.5"h x 14.25"w x 11.5"d (Top 13"sq) $1200
95. Dirk van Erp Hammered Brass Trash Cans 12"h $2500, 11"h $2200
96. Mission Oak 5-Drawer Dresser with Mirror 67"h x 32"w x 20.75"d SOLD Handel Desk Lamp $3800
97. Limbert Cutout Oval Table 44.5"w x 29.75"d x 29.25"h $3800, Hammered Copper Pitcher 17"h $850
98. Prairie School Taboret with Shoe-Feet 17"h x 14"d $650, Gebelein Copper Bowl 8"d Boston $275
99. Limbert Armchair 36.5"h x 29"w x 24"d $1800
100. Gustav Stickley Bookshelf 38.5"h x 27"w x 12"d $2800
101. JM Young Slatted Morris Chair 38"h x 31"w x 40"d $3500
102. Stickley Bros Lamp Table 29"h x 24"d $1600
103. Exquisite Fred Brosi Hammered Copper & Mica 6-Sided Lamp 22.5"h x 18"d $18,000
104. Limbert #818 Rocker 32"h x 32.25"w x 36"d $4800
105. Tall Stickley Bros Spindled Bookshelf 39"h x 26.5"w x 13"d $2800, Early Dirk van Erp Punchbowl 10.5"h x 12"d Unsigned $3500
106. Limbert Double Oval Cutout Table 48"w x 35.5"d x 29"h $12,000, Large Early Dirk van Erp Punchbowl Shell Casing Vase $5500
107. Stickley Bros Bookshelf 45.5"h x 15"w x 10"d (13.25"d at Base) SOLD Large Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper Jardiniere 10.5"h x 10.5"d Closed-Box Mark c1911 $12,000
108. L&JG Stickley Lamp Table 29"h x 18"d $1500, Teco "Roman" Salad Bowl 12"d x 6"h $6500
109. L&JG Stickley Tallback Rocker 40"h x 27.75"w x 29"d $1800
110. L&JG Stickley One-Door Bookcase 55"h x 33.5"w x 12"d $8500
111. Tiffany Studios Bronze Floor Lamp 55"h $7500
112. Stickley Bros Hall Mirror 37.5"w x 21.5"h $2800
113. Early Gustav Stickley c1901 Postcard Desk 34.5"h x 34"w x 20"d SOLD
114. Gustav Stickley 2-Door China Cabinet Entirely Built with Quarter-Sawn Oak 64"h x 41.5"w x 15"d SOLD
115. Arts & Crafts Iron & Mica Hanging Lantern c1910 21.75"h overall x 7.5"d $1200
116. Early Newcomb College Pitcher Carved & Decorated by Harriet Joor c1906 5.75"h $4500, SEG 6.5"d Plate $1200
117. Henry Varnum Poor 9" Vase c1925 $750, Thomas Gotham 10" Vase SOLD
118. Gustav Stickley Open Bookcase 53.75"h x 26.75"w x 13.5"d SOLD
119. Limbert Server 36"w x 38.5"h x 16"d $3800, Mary deNeale Morgan Painting 20"h x 24"w (Frame 26.5"h x 30.25"w) $25,000
120. Set of 4 JM Young Dining Chairs 35.5"h x 17.5"w x 17"d SOLD
121. Hastings Furn Co Dining Table with 4 Leaves 48"d SOLD
122. Selden Connor Gile Watercolor "First Presbyterian Church Belvedere, CA" 18"h x 15"w (Frame 26.25"h x 22"w $9500
123. Gustav Stickley Rocker 38"h x 27"w x 28.5"d $1800
124. Teco Matte Grey Vase 6"h $850, Teco Matte Brown 4"h Pitcher $550
125. Early Van Briggle Matte Green Vase c1904 $4500, Van Briggle Matte Red Small Vase c1907 3"h x 4.5"d $950
126. Stickley Bros 2-Door Bookcase 55.5"h x 37"w x 12.75"d $4500
127. Early Gustav Stickley Ladderback Side Chair 37.5"h x 18"w x 16"d $1200
128. Marblehead Matte Lavendar 4 7/8"h $850, Marblehead 6 1/8"h Matte Blue Vase SOLD
129. Sam Hyde Harris Painting 18"h x 24"w (Frame 23"h x 29"w) $12,000
130. Rare Teco Square Top Vase 4.25"h SOLD Teco 3.75" Vase SOLD
131. Teco 4.75"h Ribbed Vase $950, Teco 4" Ribbed Vase $650

132. William Jackson Painting "Lake Frances Sierras" 8"h x 12"w (Frame 15"h x 19"w) $5500

133. Stickley Bros #144 5.5"h Vase $950, Dirk van Erp Double Inkwell (Unsigned) 7"w $475
134. William Ritschel Watercolor "Tidepool" 10"h x 12"w (Frame 18"h x 20.5"w) $9500
135. Gustav Stickley 60"d Fixed-Top Dining Table 60"d x 29"h $9500, Set of 5 Stickley Bros 379 1/2 Dining Chairs 37.5"h x 18.25"w x 17"d SOLD
136. L&JG Stickley Strap-Hinge Sideboard 54"w x 48.25"h x 24.5"d $8500
137. Gustav Stickley 54"d Dining Table with 6 Leaves (Extends to 54" x 126") x 29"h $12,000, Set of 6 Luce Furn Co Dining Chairs 36"h x 19"w x 18"d $4800
138. Pr Stickley Bros Nightstands 33"h x 18" x 18" $7500 pr
139. Gustav Stickley #909 Dresser 43"h x 37"w x 19"d $5500
140. Gustav Stickley Piano Bench (Makes a Perfect Coffee Table) 36"w x 22.25"h x 12.75"d $4500
141. L&JG Stickley Bench Settle 76"w x 38.25"h x 26"d $5500
142. Rare L&JG Stickley Tallback Side Chair with Side Slats 45.5"h x 19"w x 18"d $2800
143. Early Gustav Stickley "Bungalow" Armchair #1289A c1900 40.25"h x 25"w x 20.5"d $3200
144. Pr Early Gustav Stickley Taborets #4 c1900 18"h x 18"d $6500 pr
145. Albert Berry Pen Holder 6"w $4800, Joseph Heinrichs Copper & Silver Letter Opener 11" SOLD Dirk van Erp Vase 4.75"d $1600
146. Benedict Studios Hammered Copper & Mica Lamp 27"h x 20"d $5500
147. Limbert Tea Table 22"h x 18"d $1100
148. Gustav Stickley "Monk" Footstool 12.5" sq x 5"h $1200
149. Gustav Stickley 2-Handle Tray 19"w $1200, Early Craftsman Studios 1-Handle Tray 15"w SOLD Pr Tall Heintz 14.5"h Candlesticks $1500
150. L&JG Stickley Oval Lamp Table 29"h x 36"w x 28"d $2200, Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper Jardiniere 10.5"h x 10.5"d Closed-Box Mark c1911 $12,000
151. Stickley Bros Spindled Bookshelf 31"h x 26.25"w x 12.5"d $1800
152. Grand Rapids Sideboard 60"w x 45"h x 24.25"d $2200
153. Large Batchelder Fireplace Tile 18"w x 6"h $750
154. Michigan Chair Co Stool 20"w x 15"d x 18.25"h SOLD
155. Stickley Bros Sofa Table 29"h x 36"w x 15.75"d SOLD
156. Extremely Rare Dirk van Erp Cobra Lamp with Original Square Mica Shade c1911 18"d x 8"h x 6"sq Shade $45,000
157. Early Gustav Stickley #2342 Morris Chair c1903 40"h x 31.25"w x 36"d $9500
158. Lifetime Furn Co Carved Spanish Revival Corner Cabinet 64"h x 36"w x 25.75" sides $12,000
159. James Earl Fraser Hammered Copper Plaque "End of the Trail" Made for the SF PPIE 1915 17.25"w x 16.5"h (Original Frame 27.25"w x 26.75"h) $25,000
160. Detail of James Earl Fraser Signature
161. James Earl Fraser Original Note of Provenance for "End of the Trail" Plaque
162. L&JG Stickley Armchair 38"h x 25.25"w x 21"d $950
163. Teco 4-Handle Vase #403A 8"h $7500, Teco 2-Handle 11.5"h Vase $4800
164. Vintage Arts & Crafts Stick Pins SOLD
165. Roycroft Nut Bowl 7"d $850, Novick Hammered Copper Spoon 9" SOLD
166. Roycroft Corset-Back Rocker 40"h x 25.25"w x 31"d $3500, Roycroft Mahogany Footstool 15"w x 11"h x 9.5"d SOLD
167. Heintz Sterling on Bronze Squirrel Pin 2"w SOLD Narrow Heintz Pin 2.25"w SOLD
168. Early Gustav Stickley Postcard Desk c1901 34.5"h x 33"w x 19.75"d $4800
169. 3 Letter Openers: Frost 7.5" Peacock Design $225, Carence Crafters 8.5" $225, Forest Craft Guild Scarab $325
170. Brooks Cutout Morris Chair 42"h x 35"w x 36.75"d SOLD
171. Limbert Bookshelf Sofa Table 36"w x 16"d x 30"h $2800
172. Forest Craft Guild "Mission Dolores San Francisco" Bookends 6"w $850, James Earl Fraser Copper Bookends 6"w $1200
173. Gustav Stickley Unsigned Copper Letterrack 6"w $275, Dirk van Erp Unsigned Candlestick 5"d SOLD
174. Early L&JG Stickley Onondaga Period Chestnut Table 36"w x 20.75"d x 30"h SOLD

175. Rare Early Dirk van Erp Warty Lamp (Unsigned) c1908-1910 17"h x 15"d SOLD

176. Gustav Stickley Spindled Morris Chair 39"h x 27.5" x 34"d $6500
177. Huge Early Dirk van Erp Jardiniere c1908-1910 Unsigned 10"h x 16"d $5500
178. Shop of the Crafters Cutout Armchair 43.5"h x 28.75"w x 29"d SOLD
179. Roycroft American Beauty21.5" Vase $5500, Teco 11.5" Tulip Vase SOLD
180. Set of 8 Shreve & Co Sterling 5"h Goblets $2500
181. Set of 4 L&JG Stickley Dining Chairs 38"h x 18"w x 17"d SOLD
182. Decorated German Porcelian Vase Signed "J.G.W." 5.ft75"h $475, Royal Doulton Lambeth 7" Vase $375
183. Early Gustav Stickley Armchair 37.5"h x 26"w x 23"d $2200
184. Harden Bench Settle 38"h x 60"w x 24"d $3200, Mission Oak Cutout Coffee Table 42"w x 26"d x 19"h $1500
185. Navajo Rug c1940s 80" x 34"w $750
186. California Faience Ship Tile 5.75"sq $1200
187. Rookwood 7" Vellum Vase by Elizabeth McDermitt 1913 $950, Rookwood 4.5" Standard Glaze Vase 1904 G.H. $450
188. Navajo Rug c1910s 77" x 44" SOLD
189. Alson Skinner Clark Impressionist Winter Scene 9"h x 12"w (Frame 12.25"h x 15.25"w) $3800
190. Vintage Native American Ceramic Plaque 7.5"d Unisgned SOLD

191. Selection of Dirk van Erp's Original Tools
Not for Sale

192. Original Gas Powered Forge from Dirk van Erp Workshop
193. Dirk van Erp's Original Andvil and Hammers
194. Detail of Dirk van Erp's Original Andvill and Hammers
195. Early Dirk van Erp Lamp c1911 22"h x 14.5"d $32,000
196. Detail of Top of Early Dirk van Erp Shade
197. Set of 4 Gustav Stickley #349 1/2 Dining Chairs 38"h x 18"w x 17"d SOLD
198. Rare Limbert Ebon-Oak Sideboard 51"h x 49"w x 19.5"d $7500
199. Fantastic Grand Rapids Sideboard 56"w x 22"d x 55"h SOLD
200. Roycroft Stamp Box 4"w SOLD Armen Hairenian Budvase 4.5"h SOLD
201. Liberty & Co Oval Copper Mirror 25"w x 21"h SOLD
202. Roycroft Hammered Copper & Mica Lamp 14.5"h x 10"d $5500
203. Stickley Bros Taboret with Circle Cutouts 18"h x 15"d $950
204. Roycroft 2-Handle Tray 12"w SOLD Roycroft 4.5" Vase $550
205. Roycroft Fruit Bowl 11"d $1200, Roycroft Squat Vase 4"h x 6.5"d $750
206. Stickley Bros 8-Sided Lamp Table 29.75"h x 26"d $1200

207. Dirk van Erp 10" Vase SOLD Dirk van Erp 6" Vase $3800 Pictured in Original Dirk van Erp Tin-Lined Patina Box - Not for Sale

208. Selection of Original Dirk van Erp Tools
Not for Sale
209. L&JG Stickley Sideboard 54"w x 48"h x 22"d $6500
210. Limbert Small Pagoda Lamp Table 30.5"h x 20"sq SOLD
211. Gustav Stickley #332 Morris Chair 41"h x 31.5"w x 38.25"d $7500
212. Rare Roycroft Hammered Copper Nut Set (Unsigned) but Pictured in the 1917 Catalog 8"d SOLD
213. Set of 4 Stickley Bros Dining Chair 40"h x 18.5"w x 17"d Armchair 41.5"h x 20.25"w x 20"d $3200
214. Gustav Stickley Swivel Chair 35.5"h x 27"w x 19"d SOLD
215. Stickley Bros Dresser with Mirror 66.5"h x 44"w x 22"d $3200
216. Stickley Bros Hall Tree Coatrack 67"h (Base 31.25"w x 13.5"d)
217. Mission Oak Pedastal 21"h x 12"sq $550, L&JG Stickley Clip-Corner Lamp Table 29"h x 18"sq $1500
218. Arts & Crafts Podium or Sheet Music Stand 48"h x 20"w x 15.5" SOLD


We are always actively looking to purchase Stickley, Roycroft, Limbert, Dirk van Erp and other high quality Arts & Crafts pieces.


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